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Seamless care from hospital to hospital

When a higher level of care is necessary, our critical care transport can safely and efficiently facilitate your travels. Our state-of-the-art ambulance service is staffed 24/7 by a team of paramedics,registered nurses and EMT`s and is equipped with advanced technology, medication and resources to provide critical care during transport.

Our critical care staffs on board provide a seamless level of quality care from the point of pick-up to the destination. This service is available for all patients, whether adult, pediatric or neonatal.

These special ambulances are equipped with the same resources you would find in a hospital critical care unit, Will Smith movies:

  • A wide range of emergency and advanced life support medications
  • Blood pressure monitoring devices
  • The ability to offer 12-lead ECG transmission, which enables doctors in the emergency department to determine whether a patient with chest pains should be taken directly to the cardiac catheterization lab for treatment upon arrival at the hospital
  • The ability to perform endotracheal intubations and ventilator management to help patients who are having difficulty breathing.

Additionally, our pediatric and neonatal critical care transport teams have extensive experience caring for newborns, as well as critically ill and injured children.