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Individuals living with a life-limiting illness, irrespective of their diagnosis, will often be faced with challenges and symptoms which can make life feel difficult for them, their relatives, carers or friends.

Our vision

To work with Health Care Professionals in the development of new services for specialist palliative and end of life care.

About us

Our team is tasked with equipping ambulance staff with the specialist skills necessary to support terminally ill patients, and the people around them, whether that be on an emergency 1669 call or part of a scheduled ambulance transport service. The team also works with healthcare and social care providers throughout the Country to ensure patients’ care plans are fed into the system so their wishes can be respected throughout the process.

As well as providing better patient care, it is hoped this service will mean more patients can continue to be cared for at home and prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital.

Our services offer:

  1. A dedicated point of contact for acute and community services
  2. Timely transfer of information from primary and acute care to home or homecare
  3. Upskilling, educating and supporting the workforce in regard to palliative and end of life care
  4. Support with developing services to enhance patient care for palliative and end of life care patients.